Commission Paintings | Custom Artwork


Aside from the original paintings displayed in the Shop, commission paintings are available:
  • 50% deposit is due at the time of the request.
  • Please allow at least 10-15 business days from the date of your deposit to complete your custom masterpiece.
  • Faceless paintings will feature a face without eyes, nose, lips, or any facial features. These paintings start at $600 for a 24x30 canvas.
  • Creative portraiture paintings can feature facial features, but are not an exact portrait. I will have creative freedom to bring your photo or vision to life on canvas. These paintings start at $800 for a 24x30 canvas.
  • Portraits are realistic paintings of people using my art style. I do not create hyperrealism, but you will know the muse featured in the painting. These paintings start at $1000 for a 24x30 canvas.
  • Please include your budget, vision or photo that you would like for me to paint, along with a color scheme (if you have one) in your request via email.
Email all commission requests via the "Contact" link located at the top of this page.

     Commission Price List


    One of my art collectors' favorite paintings is available to be customized for your aesthetic. Prices start at $700 for a 24x30 canvas, $800 for a 24x36 canvas, and $1000 for a 30x40 canvas. You can customize the following:
    • Background: Abstract, landscape, colors, etc.
    • Skin Tone: Light skin, caramel/brown skin, dark skin, or grayscale
    • Lip color: Any color choice
    • Hair: Colors, Textures (Defined Afro curls, Curly Afro, Kinky Afro)
    Custom Afro Art
    A few commissions that I have completed:
       I look forward to bringing your vision to life on canvas!