About Jenn

Jennifer Elaine (Jenn) is a Professional Fine Artist blessing homes and offices with aesthetically dope Black art around the world. In 2004, Jenn defied the odds of teenage pregnancy by graduating at the top of her class to attend University of Kentucky. She later transferred to the University of Louisville graduating with a bachelor's degree. Her world revolves around her two sons. In 2010, she relocated to Memphis, TN and has embraced the city with her creativity and ambition.

God revealed her passion and natural talent of painting in the summer of 2015 after her ankle was fractured in three places making her immobile for 8 weeks. While she was healing, she decided to teach herself how to paint and develop her craft. It was like art therapy: comforting to the bones and soothing to the soul. Jenn has always known how to draw and sketch, but it wasn't until she picked up the paintbrush that she fell in love with creating masterpieces.

Jenn creates phenomenal paintings that display Black women in a positive light, embracing their natural kinks and curls graced with melanin-rich skin. Her art is internally driven, like a gateway to the soul. illustrating the beauty, softness, and femininity of Black women. She loves vibrant, engaging colors, so she incorporates heavy use of color in the majority of her artwork. Jenn primarily uses acrylic paint as her medium, along with other media to create mixed media art full of texture and detail.

Black art doesn't receive as much exposure and publicity compared to other art genres. She plans to create several successful platforms to increase awareness for other black artists and herself. In 2016, Jenn created the Black Art Experience, a visual art showcase that has grown from 100 to 600+ attendees with 40 black artists and vendors. She also created the Art Social for a more intimate setting with artistic conversations amongst talented creatives and art lovers, along with educating patrons about the appreciation of art.

Jenn has sold over 500 pieces of art to collectors in 47 states and 4 countries. She opened her physical art gallery in Cordova, a suburb of Memphis, on November 23, 2019. Since April 2024, Jenn creates her masterpieces in a private studio suite in Cordova, TN.

Jenn is the definition of Black Girl Magic, and has been featured in Forbes, Blavity Inc., Voyage ATL, Voyage Memphis, Canvas REBEL, Tri-State Defender, Shoutout ATL, Fox 13, Action News 5, ABC News, Black Girl Artshow, Curl Fest, and many more! She is excited to see where her art takes her in life, and hopes to continue to bless others with her gift.